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    We are your small town roofer! JB Roofing has been happily serving small towns around Kalona, Iowa since 2004. We are a roofing contractor with over twenty years of experience. Our services include a broad range of asphalt shingle and metal roofing applications, as well as tear-off and re-roofing procedures.

    From new construction roofing to extensive repair and replacement, we do it all and do it well. No matter the size and scope of your project, JB Roofing is up to the task! Our rates are reasonable, and the quality of our workmanship is unmatched!

    Need guidance with storm damage insurance claims? JB Roofing is willing and able to help!


    Asphalt Roofing

    Asphalt shingles set the standard for cost-effective and fully waterproof roofing materials. Composed of a fiberglass base layer and asphalt filler, they are commonly packaged and shipped in bundles, allowing for easy installation. They are a simple, efficient, and highly durable solution.

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    Metal Roofing

    More expensive than shingle, metal roofing also lasts longer. It’s a substantial investment early on but pays for itself in the long run. Metal is also an excellent heat insulator, estimated to reduce energy costs by 15% in winter and 40% in summer.

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    New Construction Roofing

    Building from the ground up? You’ll want a reliable roofing contractor to design and install your roof. Working closely with your construction professionals, we consider the requirements of the structure’s framework before proposing a roofing solution. This crucial planning phase is followed by the execution, including manufacture and installation.

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    JB Roofing offers a complete re-roofing service. We tear-off the old roof, install the new one, and clean up, leaving no mess behind. This involves removing the old shingles entirely and inspecting the deck underneath for signs of rot or sagging. After any necessary repairs are completed, the new shingle layer can be applied. This takes more time and effort, but assures greater structural integrity for a long while.

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    Roof Repairs

    Of course, not every roof issue warrants a full replacement. Repairs can fix the minor damage caused by weathering or accidents, adding years to your roof’s lifespan. While many homeowners choose DIY repairs, hiring professional help is much less of a hassle and tends to provide better results.

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    Gutter Covers

    Gutter covers, screens, or filters allow rainwater to flow freely through while blocking the debris before it can clog things up. Keep out the leaves and twigs to make the gutters last longer!

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    Gutter Cleaning

    Gutters need to be cleaned at least twice per year to stay fully functional. In the spring and in the fall, get expert roofing professionals to tackle this annoying task on your behalf.

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    Metal & Vinyl Siding

    The siding panels of a building need to be tough, resilient, and visually appealing. Metal is a popular material, providing durability and strength in equal measure. Vinyl siding is a more flexible weather-resistant option with a very different texture.

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    Your Kalona Facility Needs Metal Roofing, and Here’s Why

    You’ve had the best metal roofers in your area trying to sell you high-quality metal roofing to keep your Kalona, Iowa, business operating smoothly. However, you aren’t entirely sold on the benefits of a metal roofing contractor because you think it’s better to save a little money with a cheaper alternative.

    While we respect your viewpoint and understand your perspective, you need to consider metal roofs for your building. Their benefits are excellent and will give your facility the long-lasting support that it needs. So here’s what you need to know about this choice and why you should make it.

    Long Life Span

    The best metal roofing is designed to last a surprising amount of time and should create the kind of high-quality roof that you both want and deserve. The best metal roofers will likely tell you that a good metal roof can last far longer than asphalt shingles, which have a 10-20 year lifespan.

    Just how long can your metal roof last if you’re smart about maintenance? You may get up to 50 years (with minimal supervision) and even longer if you provide regular, yearly upgrades and maintenance. You don’t even have to do much work to get this kind of high-quality and long lifespan.

    Why are metal roofs stronger and last longer? Well, any metal roofing contractor will tell you that they’re designed to withstand more wear and tear and provide the kind of long-term protection that you both want and deserve. And they usually use various types of solid metals to stay strong.

    For example, many metal roofs are made out of steel, which is long-lasting for most homeowners or business owners. However, aluminum roofs can also last a long period and don’t rust – a huge win-win for you if you’re ready to commit to a regular maintenance schedule.

    One Downside: While your metal roof will last much longer than other roofs, it will require you to hire professionals for regular inspection and maintenance. These steps usually don’t cost that much but must be considered if you are interested in this type of roofing option for your building.

    Surprisingly Environmentally Friendly

    Another big reason to choose metal roofing is that they are environmentally friendly, much more so than many building materials. This idea may seem strange because many people may think that metal (a non-renewable resource) would be less green than wood or other types.

    And while it is true that metal is not as renewable as wood, it is heavily recycled after every use and is made out of high-quality recycled materials. In this way, your roof is not only long-lasting but good for the environment, a benefit that you just can’t get with many other types of roofing options.

    Just how environmentally friendly is this type of roofing? The best metal roof roofers will tell you that you will get at least 25-95 percent recycled content with your metal shingles, depending on the material that you buy and the manufacturer that you work with when building a roof.

    And while asphalt shingles can be recycled, they rarely receive this treatment. So, unfortunately, they often end up in landfills, while metal roofing shingles get immediately recycled. In this way, you are protecting the environment and giving yourself a long-lasting roof at the same time.

    One Downside: While this benefit is a huge reason why your metal roofing contractor is so successful, these shingles also cost more due to their recycled nature. As a result, you need to make sure that you pay attention to this facet when planning out your roof to avoid spending too much cash.

    High Levels of Efficiency

    Another benefit of getting metal roofing for your Kalona home or business is a high level of energy efficiency. Surprisingly, metal roofs can provide the kind of long-lasting support you need for your energy management, decreasing your usage and giving you the best chance of avoiding expensive bills.

    Just how much can the best metal roofers cut back on your energy bills? At a minimum, 10-25%! Some buildings may experience even more savings, depending on their structure, past energy use, and many other factors.

    This benefit is huge. Let’s take an example of how these savings offset the costs a metal roofing contractor would add to your home. For this example, we’ll say you spend $2,000 more on metal roofing than you might have spent with other types. And that you save 25 percent of your bill every month with it.

    If your monthly heating bill is $100 on average for the year, you’ll pay $75 with a metal roof. Those savings will accrue every month, up to $300 for the year. So your metal roof will have paid for itself in just seven years, saving you money!

    Even better, these roofs can save you on insurance bills because they are fire-resistant and also can withstand longer exposures to extreme weather. As a result, your roof will stay strong and secure for longer, meaning that your insurance company is likely to cut your rates due to your metal roofing.

    One Downside: While it is true that metal roofing is very efficient (among the best for this rating), your home may experience some issues with dents due to heavy hail. Though rare, this issue may cause leaks and decrease your efficiency, limiting the effectiveness of your roof.

    Get the Roof You Want

    Are you sold on metal roofing for your Kalona home or commercial facility? We understand if you need a little more time to decide. However, this choice isn’t one that you should rush, even if you’re working with the best metal roofers in the area. That’s why we suggest you call us at JB Roofing.

    Our team will sit down with you, check out your roofing situation, and work as the best metal roofing contractor your money can buy. We are dedicated to the highest-quality work and strive to give you the attention you need. So call now to learn more and get your building into excellent shape today.

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