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    We are your small town roofer! JB Roofing has been happily serving small towns around Kalona, Iowa since 2004. We are a roofing contractor with over twenty years of experience. Our services include a broad range of asphalt shingle and metal roofing applications, as well as tear-off and re-roofing procedures.

    From new construction roofing to extensive repair and replacement, we do it all and do it well. No matter the size and scope of your project, JB Roofing is up to the task! Our rates are reasonable, and the quality of our workmanship is unmatched!

    Need guidance with storm damage insurance claims? JB Roofing is willing and able to help!


    Asphalt Roofing

    Asphalt shingles set the standard for cost-effective and fully waterproof roofing materials. Composed of a fiberglass base layer and asphalt filler, they are commonly packaged and shipped in bundles, allowing for easy installation. They are a simple, efficient, and highly durable solution.

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    Metal Roofing

    More expensive than shingle, metal roofing also lasts longer. It’s a substantial investment early on but pays for itself in the long run. Metal is also an excellent heat insulator, estimated to reduce energy costs by 15% in winter and 40% in summer.

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    New Construction Roofing

    Building from the ground up? You’ll want a reliable roofing contractor to design and install your roof. Working closely with your construction professionals, we consider the requirements of the structure’s framework before proposing a roofing solution. This crucial planning phase is followed by the execution, including manufacture and installation.

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    JB Roofing offers a complete re-roofing service. We tear-off the old roof, install the new one, and clean up, leaving no mess behind. This involves removing the old shingles entirely and inspecting the deck underneath for signs of rot or sagging. After any necessary repairs are completed, the new shingle layer can be applied. This takes more time and effort, but assures greater structural integrity for a long while.

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    Roof Repairs

    Of course, not every roof issue warrants a full replacement. Repairs can fix the minor damage caused by weathering or accidents, adding years to your roof’s lifespan. While many homeowners choose DIY repairs, hiring professional help is much less of a hassle and tends to provide better results.

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    Gutter Covers

    Gutter covers, screens, or filters allow rainwater to flow freely through while blocking the debris before it can clog things up. Keep out the leaves and twigs to make the gutters last longer!

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    Gutter Cleaning

    Gutters need to be cleaned at least twice per year to stay fully functional. In the spring and in the fall, get expert roofing professionals to tackle this annoying task on your behalf.

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    Metal & Vinyl Siding

    The siding panels of a building need to be tough, resilient, and visually appealing. Metal is a popular material, providing durability and strength in equal measure. Vinyl siding is a more flexible weather-resistant option with a very different texture.

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    Types of Services, Maintenance, and Upgrades for Your Kalona Asphalt Roofing

    The best asphalt roofing in Kalona, Iowa, should be strong enough to withstand many types of damage and give the home support you deserve. That said, there are times when you might need some kind of asphalt shingle installation or asphalt roof repair to keep your home as strong as possible for your needs.

    Thankfully, there should be a few different options that you can consider for your home. These vary according to your roofing situation and include things as simple as essential maintenance to total roof replacement. Here’s what you need to know about these service options for your home’s roof.

    Asphalt Shingle Installation

    The most common asphalt roofing experience for Kalona residents is installation. This process will put up a new asphalt roof on a home in as little as a few days to a week or two. Most of the time, asphalt installation is fast because this material is inexpensive and easy to work with for minimum challenges. Times when you may want to consider this process include when you are:

    • Buying a new home and want a more substantial roof
    • Upgrading your current home to have a better roofing experience
    • Enhancing commercial buildings with better roofing
    • Boosting the value of your facility and property

    Asphalt shingle installation is part of this simple process. It takes care of elements like the overall structure of your roof, the underlayment beneath it, and much more. When properly maintained with asphalt roof repair steps, your roof should last a surprising amount of time – up to 30 years for some homes. That’s why it is essential to understand the steps below. They keep your roof strong and secure.

    Asphalt Roofing Maintenance

    After installation, your roofing should be in pretty great shape for up to five years or longer without any major repairs. After that, however, you may end up with some minor or occasional issues that could lead to more severe damage and long-term complications with your roof’s stability and strength.

    Thankfully, high-quality roofing maintenance comes in a few different ways and on a variety of different schedules. These upgrades keep your roof strong and avoid the kind of long-term damage that may require repairs. The asphalt services include:

    • Replacing a shingle or a sheet of shingles
    • Adding a little caulk to the seams
    • Putting a sealant on your tiles
    • Upgrading your tiles to a more robust type

    This type of maintenance should minimize the need for asphalt shingle installation or asphalt roof repair on your home. You probably don’t need to get these processes done any more than once every year or two, though some people may find that their roof needs more focused attention.

    For example, some people may be in a cold-weather area where shingles need to withstand freezing temperatures. Or they may get excessive heat that can cause some problems. Make sure to talk to your asphalt roofing professional to learn more about what to expect in this situation.

    Asphalt Roof Repair

    When your asphalt roofing maintenance in Kalona doesn’t provide you with the help you need, it may be time to consider asphalt roof repair. This situation is usually the next step after maintenance and usually starts about 5-10 years into your roof’s life, depending on your care.

    Most repairs of this type do not need asphalt shingle installation, which helps cut back on your expenses a little. However, you may need to get many kinds of repairs to keep your roof as strong as possible for your needs. Just a few repairs you may need to consider in this scenario include:

    • Fixing broken shingles or underlayment concerns
    • Repairing or replacing support beams in your roof
    • Focusing on improving seams and flashing
    • Upgrading your chimney to keep it strong

    How much are you likely to pay for this process? A little more than maintenance, it is true. However, it is more than worth getting repairs because the result of letting your roof worsen is likely to be total roof replacement, a step that will cost much more than your repairs in most cases.

    Thankfully, simple spot repairs should keep your roof strong, particularly when combined with routine maintenance. After about 20-30 years of these steps, though, you may need to start thinking about replacement. It’s something that all homeowners need to understand at some point in their life.

    Asphalt Shingle Replacement

    Lastly, you need to consider shingle replacement if your asphalt roofing experiences any long-term damage that just won’t go away. Typically, this problem centers around repairing damage and replacing significant segments of your roof – even the whole thing in some cases.

    While asphalt shingle installation is part of this process, you’re likely to find that you’re going to have to get the entire roof replaced, including the underlayment. As you can imagine, this process is not cheap and should only be done in specific circumstances, like:

    • When your roof experiences heavy damage to its structure
    • If your roof appears to be about to collapse
    • When your repairs don’t seem to help anymore
    • If you want a new type of roof

    Whatever option you choose, you must pick a high-quality asphalt roof repair professional who understands these aspects and will work hard for your needs. In addition, these professionals must be skilled at handling a myriad of concerns and providing the focused replacement you need.

    Yes, this option will be the most expensive on the list but could be the only choice you have in some situations. For instance, if your roof is in such bad shape that repairs would cost more, a total replacement is a great option. Doing so will give you the support your roof needs.

    Help is Available

    Are you ready to transform your Kalona asphalt roofing into the most robust and most durable option on the market? Or are you experiencing damage problems that won’t go away with your spot repairs, and you aren’t sure where to turn? Then, please call us at JB Roofing to learn more about asphalt shingle installation.

    We will sit down with you and create a plan for your roof, including adding stronger and more resilient tiles to keep it protected. And our team can also talk about asphalt roof repair to ensure that you get the necessary help. Our promise to you is to do the best we can at every step we take.

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