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We are your small town roofer! JB Roofing has been happily serving small towns around Kalona, Iowa since 2004. We are a roofing contractor with over twenty years of experience. Our services include a broad range of asphalt shingle and metal roofing applications, as well as tear-off and re-roofing procedures.

From new construction roofing to extensive repair and replacement, we do it all and do it well. No matter the size and scope of your project, JB Roofing is up to the task! Our rates are reasonable, and the quality of our workmanship is unmatched!

Need guidance with storm damage insurance claims? JB Roofing is willing and able to help!

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Asphalt Roofing

Asphalt Roofing

Asphalt shingles set the standard for cost-effective and fully waterproof roofing materials. Composed of a fiberglass base layer and asphalt filler, they are commonly packaged and shipped in bundles, allowing for easy installation. They are a simple, efficient, and highly durable solution.

Here are some other common characteristics of asphalt roofing materials:

  • Flexible and robust, applicable to different roofing styles
  • Highly resistant to wind, rain, and extremes of temperature
  • Visually satisfying, allowing for different colors and textures
  • Easy to maintain, simple to repair

Metal Roofing

Metal Roofing

More expensive than shingle, metal roofing also lasts longer. It’s a substantial investment early on but pays for itself in the long run. Metal is also an excellent heat insulator, estimated to reduce energy costs by 15% in winter and 40% in summer.

Here are some other common characteristics of metal roofing materials:

  • Unparalleled longevity, easily lasting half a century or more
  • Composed of a high percentage of recyclable materials
  • Resistant to heat, reflecting sunlight away from the building
  • Comparatively lightweight, reducing the burden on the structure

Construction Roofing

New Construction Roofing

Building from the ground up? You’ll want a reliable roofing contractor to design and install your roof. Working closely with your construction professionals, we consider the requirements of the structure’s framework before proposing a roofing solution. This crucial planning phase is followed by the execution, including manufacture and installation.

Whether raising a residential or a commercial building, you need trusted, experienced roofers on the scene. Look for flexibility, professionalism, and attention to detail. At JB Roofing, we’ve got all those qualities and more to offer!

Re Roofing


JB Roofing offers a complete re-roofing service. We tear-off the old roof, install the new one, and clean up, leaving no mess behind. This involves removing the old shingles entirely and inspecting the deck underneath for signs of rot or sagging. After any necessary repairs are completed, the new shingle layer can be applied. This takes more time and effort, but assures greater structural integrity for a long while.

Roof Repairs

Roof Repairs

Of course, not every roof issue warrants a full replacement. Repairs can fix the minor damage caused by weathering or accidents, adding years to your roof’s lifespan. While many homeowners choose DIY repairs, hiring professional help is much less of a hassle and tends to provide better results.

Here are some of the most common types of roof repair:

  • Leak Repair: The classic patch-job of a damaged, leaking roof
  • Shingle Repair: Cracked or missing shingles require replacement
  • Blister Repair: Poorly ventilation roofs can end up blistering
  • Flashing Repair: Directing water away from roof intersections

Other Services Other Services

Gutter Covers

Gutter Covers

Gutter covers, screens, or filters allow rainwater to flow freely through while blocking the debris before it can clog things up. Keep out the leaves and twigs to make the gutters last longer!

Gutter Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning

Gutters need to be cleaned at least twice per year to stay fully functional. In the spring and in the fall, get expert roofing professionals to tackle this annoying task on your behalf.

Metal & Vinyl Siding

Metal & Vinyl Siding

The siding panels of a building need to be tough, resilient, and visually appealing. Metal is a popular material, providing durability and strength in equal measure. Vinyl siding is a more flexible weather-resistant option with a very different texture.

reviews reviews

JB did my roof on my trailer and looking to buy a house and will be having him do the new home if it plans out right. He and his crew did a wonderful job.

-Tucker K.

We hired the guys at JB Roofing to replace our roof after the damage from Derecho. They did a great job and were extremely responsive and clean. Thank you!

-Jonathan V.

The JB Roofing team was great! They were clean, efficient, fast, and pleasant to work with. We love our new roof and he did an amazing job of taking off the old one and installing the new roof. No mess, no nails, no random roof tiles lying around the yard. They also put on new gutters, which we love. I highly recommend JB Roofing. You will be thrilled!

-Kirsten S.

Jason is professional and wonderful to deal with. Pricing is fair and in line with today's costs. I will not hesitate to call him again. They were recommended to me and I would not hesitate to pass that recommendation to anyone in need of roofing or siding services.

-Edward B.

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